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Owls are night animals which have a very keen sight.

Golden Eagle

Golden eagle is a big bird of prey which has brown plumage. It is in danger of extinction.

Holly tree

The holly tree grows in the eastern forest of Galicia. They are in danger of extinction.

Oak tree

Oak tree is a typical iberian tree. There are different types but all of them produce the same fruit: the acorn.


The monastery of Carboeiro is the point of reference of this footpath in the council of Silleda, Pontevedra. Moreover, the walking travellers can enjoy its richness of scenaries, the variety of its local flora and the visual beauty of the waterfalls of A Toxa, in the site of Pazos. They may also take a rest at the river strand of A Carixa, in Merza. Regarding the place’s cultural appeals, the beatifulness of Carboeiro deserves a especial mention: a Romanic built abeey that, according to historiographers, was designed by Maestro Mateo. It is 36 kilometres from the capital city of Santiago and we can get there taking the national road N-525. Those who come from Pontevedra must take the N-640.

Xabier Vázquez Pumariño

Xabier Vázquez Pumariño is an enviromental consultant. He founds a small company called DS with an economist friend, Gonzalo Rodríguez. He thinks that Environment isn´t a load but resources source and he asks for a social conscience in the care of Nature. To get a sustainable development is his objetive.

A cetacean cemetery in Galician coasts

Nowadays, the Galician coast have the highest number of cetacean strandings per kilometre in the Atlantic Coast of the Iberian Peninsula.


Don´t use plastic shopping bags.

Use refill bags ak tree is a typical iberian tree.

The memory of trees

The memory of trees is a fantastic story about friendship and Nature.